Reasons to enjoy this summer in Valencia of the sun and barbecues!

Many people have a barbecue at home, and it is a great plan, we are looking forward to those summer meals in the heat of the sun, a thousand laughs and a collaborative feast in which each guest brings something, come on, a tribute, a fish fresh from the beach with friends, those summer dinners, a roast, an authentic Valencian paella, that red shrimp or octopus, some “clochinas” and that irresistible taste or smell of wood. If you are in Valencia, in Basea, we suggest that everyone enjoys this event or great food, that you join the party and do not miss anything. How? In the warm, happy atmosphere that our restaurant offers. Where all our preparations are made on our wood-burning grill, with the demand for a quality, fresh and seasonal product. As for example our Beefsteak of kg, our fresh fish of the day and vegetables of proximity. The best of all, when you want on weekdays or weekends, with or without rain. In our menu you will find the best combination for your taste. For groups of 8 or more, contact us and we will be happy to coordinate everything to make it a round day. Basea Grilled Market Cuisine in Cánovas, Calle Joaquín Costa nº26, Valencia.

Basea suckling roast pig, the connection between Valencia and Segovia

Basea Suckling roast pig Is a Must you shouldn’t go from Valencia center without tasting. This traditional Spanish dish has been renamed for Segovia city, as one of the top dishes of this region, and it has many hours to elaborate, and get the best results. for this reason. Recorded to order while you are calling for a booking. you have a minimum of 1 day before coming to our restaurant to order. Today it’s time to have fun and enjoys eating. Don’t worry with Basea Suckling roast pic we’ll try to make that you feel like in Segovia. Basea is passionate about cultivating and learning new technics for keeping traditional flavors. Our delicious suckling roast pig cook on our grill with a selection of firewood and charcoal for character and quality, accompanied by good fry potatoes and a good wine experience. Also, you can see our menu and other custom-made dishes that need to book one day before coming we waiting for you at Basea, street Joaquín Costa nº26.