About Us

Our Origins


Basea is the name of the street where we met and where we started our studies, in the kitchen classroom of the School of Hostelry Hofmann, in Barcelona. This was the starting point for our experiences, learning, and friendship.

We invite you to enjoy this experience as much as we do! Welcome!

Basea's Philosophy

To create a gastronomic space for grilled market cuisine, in a homely and informal atmosphere. Where the main protagonist is the honesty of our local and seasonal products, caressed by the embers to highlight and enhance their most authentic flavours.

In our kitchen we try to reflect our personality, tastes and passion for cooking, which are influenced by our grandparents and our experiences, so that you can enjoy yourselves as if you were in your own home. 

Jesús Gor

Cuisine: Basque, French and Valencian

Borja Parellada

Cuisine: Spanish, Catalan and French